Since its launch in 2001, the iPod has become pretty much a symbol of modernity. It has created a generation now dependent on downloads for music rather than hard copies and has create a billion pound industry in accessories such as iPod Docking Stations with Speakers. A good looking or funky iPod Dock is as much a show of uber coolness as it was the case with the iPods white earphones in your ears during its early years.

Lets go back to how the father of iPod dock stations, the iPod can to being. Apple the manufacturer of the iPod, chose to dabble in making some changes within the MP3 players that existed in those days. The company formed a team to operate on innovating Audio players. The hardware engineer chief was Jon Rubinstein. The hardware engineers were Tony Fadell and Michael Dhuey. Jonathan Ive was their design engineer. They worked to create the initial iPod. Apple chose to work with PortalPlayer for iPod's software. Pixo seemed to be contracted by Apple to assist with the user interface.

Once the iPod was finally released it was welcomed with open arms as a breath of fresh air. Key to iPod success was that it was tied to popular culture as well as constant innovation. Every year, Apple kept on improving their iPods bringing on many generations of iPods, another group of generations for iPod minis and iPod nanos. Apple also provide iPod shuffles and iPod videos. These iPods are available in different sizes and colors. Now we also have iPads following the footsteps.

Another reason for the success of iPod and all of its offspring is that Apple allowed for 3rd party contribution in developing the hardware that iPods can be run on. This lead to a massive increase in accessories for the iPod. The market for iPod Docking Stations with Speakers is an example of this. This market has over a dozen well know own right offering such speakers. There success is in no small measure attached to the success of Apples iPod family of products.

Some producers of the iPod Dock Speakers were not even around 2 years ago giving you an example of the rapid growth of the market. Barrier to entry has diminished with the lowering in cost of producing consumer electronics with China, India and similar Asian countries producing them at a lower cost than western counterparts.